In Houston, the Rent is high

Remember this guy from the New York gubernatorial race in 2010?

"The rent is too damn high."

Well, Jimmy McMillan may as well move to Houston. Zillow says about a third of adults are living with parents or roommates.

Houston real estate agent Mike Weaster says he knows all about the high rent because of his daughter.

"She did take a full time job as a teacher's assistant and of course she has to have a roommate to afford their $1,600 rent."

Weaster says get used to it.

"I can't see where there is an end to it, honestly; I think prices are going to keep going up for this type of product."

Weaster says many are intimidated by the responsibility of home ownership.

"The Millennials are looking for the comforts, the pool, the spa, the Wi-Fi -- the all in one inclusive -- where you don't get that with a house, plus you have to cut the yard." 

The Houston average is actually worse than the national average where 30% percent of adults need a roommate.

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