Dentists diagnosing more teeth grinding

Social media stress could be affecting your dental health. Grinding your teeth, or bruxism, is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Texas Tooth Lady Dr. Teri Alani, with the Greater Houston Dental Society, said it's not so much of an increase as it is finally being diagnosed.

“If it has increased, it’s because of stress. There’s just so many expectations. With the rise of social media, the working environment, stress in their jobs, instead of taking it outwardly when they have emotion they just enternalize it and then clinch or grind,” said Alani.

It's reported that nearly everyone grinds their teeth, but few admit it. Alani said you need to tell your dentist.

“It can cause increased tooth pain, or sensitivity, can caused a locked jaw, jaw neck or face pain or soreness, dull headache, it can disrupt your sleep wear, and it can wear your teeth enamel down,” said Alani.


She says bruxism is treated with custom-made mouth guards. You must get this through your dentist. The over-the-counter guards don't work right.

Bruxism is common in children, but often they grow out of it.


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