Terror Attack Exposes Mainstream Media Bias

A Muslim immigrant set off a bomb inside a New York subway, but all we heard from the mainstream media last week was the GOP's loss in the Alabama senate race and President Trump's suggestive tweet at a Democratic senator.

Critics argue that's because the terrorist justified the administration's efforts against chain migration.

“Which is the reason this terrorist was able to be here in the first place,” says Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.  “The media is actually taking the advocacy side against the Trump administration by putting chain migration in quotes or saying 'so-called chain migration.'”

“It's a combination of not wanting to talk about an issue that helps Trump, and when they do talk about it, to actually take the side of those who oppose Trump, and expicitly doing so in what are supposedly news stories.”

Krikorian says the same can be said about the historic low number of arrests along the border.

“The fact the numbers are starting to creep back up is trumpeted as a big deal showing the president doesn't know what he's doing,” he says.  “But the fact that last year's numbers are way down from the previous year, they say well it's not really what you think.”

He says it not only undermines the presidency, but reveals just how biased the mainstream media is.

“Trump does stuff, much of it outrageous, but then the response from his opponents including the media, is often even more outrageous and delegitimizes them as well.”

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