POLL: Faking an illness could cost you

Career Builder reports more people are calling in sick—when they're not.

Workplace expert Bobby Albert said honesty is the best policy...especially when it comes to you faking an illness to get out of work. He said in order not to put employees in a position where they would lie to their bosses, he created PTO (paid time off) in his company decades ago.

“We gave people the freedom to take whatever day they wanted to take and we found that people were being a lot more honest, and they didn’t have to distinguish between this being a vacation day and a sick day,” Albert said.

Albert said there's more businesses now that are moving towards PTO. He said bosses do call and check in on employees who have called in sick, especially with most people being active on social media.

“Especially nowadays with social media—they may be taking a picture of themselves at the beach and you know they’re not sick and that can be disruptive as far as your employment,” said Albert.

Albert says most employers will work with their employees when they need time off. Or, he encourages businesses establishing PTO, so employees don't have to say this is a vacation day or sick day they need to use.

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