Holiday Travel Will Be a Madhouse

A record 107.3 million people are going to travel at least 50 miles from home over the Christmas holiday, up 3.1% from last year and the ninth consecutive year the number has grown, according to Triple A.

6.4 million people will take to the air and fly.

Travel expert George Hobica, president of, advises caution if you’re flying with a basic economy ticket…”which doesn’t allow me to use the overhead bins on United or American, and if you show up at the airport you’re going to pay a $25 penalty in addition to a fee to check the bag.”

The Transportation Safety Administration has a new rule regarding electronics.  Anything larger than a cell phone has to be removed from your carry on bags, and has to be placed in its own bin to go through security.  Those bins are sometimes pulled aside for what Hobica calls “enhanced scrutiny,” which could hold you up.  “They may not have enough TSA to go through your bag.  So that’s why you should get there extra early.  You can add half an hour to your wait time if you are singled out for the enhanced scrutiny.”

The busiest days at the airports will be this Thursday and Friday, and the Tuesday right after Christmas.

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