Work place anti-sexual harassment trainings

In the workplace it's normal to have sexual harassment reporting procedures. With new daily sexual harassment claims, it’s an opportunity for every business and organization to make a change. All of the sexual harassment accusations are starting to change how the policies are handled in the work place, as well as the future of trainings.

Former HR executive Beth Hill said the training has to change from online to in-person.

“It needs to be a live session with a trainer who is enlightening the people in the group as to what sexual harassment is and what to do about it,” said Hill.

She said awareness doesn't mean someone getting in trouble. A person needs to report the issue and make sure it doesn't happen again because supervisors need to take accountability and come up with solutions.

“Their people should feel comfortable in bringing that forward to them, ‘So this happened, I told this individual that I was not comfortable with that’, so that manager needs to make sure they’re taking that seriously,” said Hill.

Human resources should be actively involved in mandatory in person trainings...not online or Webinars.

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