Top Toys for 2017

Amazon and Toys R Us keep close tabs on who is buying what, and offer suggestions based on what’s moving.

Fingerlings are the must-have impossible-to-find toys this year, little plastic interactive baby monkeys that hold on to a finger.  Good Housekeeping predicted earlier this year that they would be flying off shelves by the holiday, which was prescient, citing their low price and interactivity as reasons for their popularity with children.  Good luck with that.

Running a very close second is the Hatchimal Surprise.  The product was first launched in October last year and quickly became the 2016 top Christmas toy.  This year they’ve come back with the Hatchimal Surprise.  “Spoiler Alert,” says toy expert Christopher Byrne of TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets and More), “The surprise is they’re twins.”  Two “Furby-looking” critters in one egg.

Here is the Toys R US list of Top Toys for 2017.

Byrne’s favorite this year is the Star Wars “Jedi Challenges” equipment, a set of alternate-reality goggles that this year includes new elements.  “It’s kind of augmented-reality headset, that lets you fight Keylo Ren and play all kinds of different games.  It’s a little expensive.  It’s about $199.  But it’s kind of cool.”

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