Don't waste Your Money on premium Gasoline

Premium gasoline is not a rip-off if your car requires it -- and a lot more do these days. But if your owner's manual doesn't call for premium, don't buy it.

GasBuddy chief petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan says recommending premium is one thing.

"I could recommend that you spend $500 on a restaurant, but that's a ridiculous idea."

DeHaan says there's no benefit to using premium in a car that runs on regular.

"You could be flushing money down the toilet; if your car doesn't require it then I certainly wouldn't be filling up with a pricier fuel than my car needs."

DeHaan says make sure you read your manual correctly.

"Does it recommend premium or does it require premium? There's obviously a big difference; if your car requires premium then you should probably put premium in it."

While it was mostly just for sports cars and high-end luxury cars in the past, lots more cars require premium now.

Premium typically costs ten to 25% more than regular.

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