Your Package Is In the Mail

We’ve been telling you for weeks about the unprecedented level of online shopping taking place this year.

Now all that stuff is getting clogged up in the delivery systems of the companies like UPS that drop the packages off at your doorstep.

Dean Foust is a spokesperson with UPS.  “Every year we start planning for next year’s holiday season on January 1st.  We really do.  We spend eleven months working with all the major retailers and our major customers,” he says, detailing the list of questions the delivery giant asks to guide them in planning and preparing for the strain the holiday season inevitably brings. 

People have reported delayed deliveries in some areas post-Cyber Monday.  Foust says they’re working through that.  “The good news is we’ve returned to our peak operating plan and our normal delivery time in transit,” he adds.

UPS is holding with their plan on delivering 750 million packages this year, up five percent from last.

To make sure any packages you are sending arrive in time, check UPS’s 2017 Year End Holiday Schedule.

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