POLL: Mistakes help Trump shred media’s credibility

The mainstream media has been after President Trump for years. But lately they have been getting sloppy as they try to make him look bad, and they are losing even more credibility in your eyes.

And by sloppy we mean they are making mistakes; the kind that saw ABC's Brian Ross suspended. Fox News' Howard Kurtz says standards just aren't what they used to be.

“There is now a lower bar for reporting damaging information about this President,” Kurtz said.

And Don Hooper with the Houston Conservative Forum says it damages whatever credibility they have left.

“It has. If you look at what Trump does when there’s on obvious mistake, he attacks it on his Twitter,” Hooper told KTRH News.

Adding there's one goal these reporters have.

“They want to weaken his Presidency or get him to resign. I think it’s dangerous and not productive,” Hooper explained.

And there is this as well; a CNN analyst was heard cheering when Doug Jones took the lead from Roy Moore on Tuesday night. And the Media research center says the coverage from ABC, CBS and NBC was 90% negative in November.

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