Should You invest in Bitcoin?

Many currency watchers view Bitcoin as a bubble about to burst; they say it's way overvalued. But it's being traded on Wall Street now and like it or not, the crypto-currency is here.

Belpointe chief strategist David Nelson told Fox Business investors have to take it seriously.

"If we think back to the dot com era, a lot of those companies back then were clearly in a bubble, but some of them, like Amazon today are some of the most formidable companies in the world."

But Nelson says Wall Street expects the bubble to burst.

"Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup have all come out and said they're very concerned that this hasn't been vetted clearly, they haven't talked about margin requirements here or stress testing the security."

If you want to buy in it'll cost ya. Bitcoins have been selling for more than 15 grand.

Nelson says countries don't like the crypto currency because they can't control it.

"And they'll never be able to control it because it's decentralized; it exists on computers literally all over the planet. As long as it is that way I don't see how they can stop it; it's an entity right now and like it or not it's here."

Nelson says if you buy in at the wrong time you'll get hurt, but it's anyone's guess when will be the right or wrong time.

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