Pickup Trucks Taking Over Luxury Market

Everyone knows that Texans love their pickup trucks. With auto sales surging in recent months across the Lone Star State, pickups still lead the way among Texas drivers. But now, the rest of the country is joining the truck craze, as well. Pickup trucks are not only the most popular vehicle in America, they've now taken over the luxury segment. People who once preferred Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz or BMW sedans are now opting for something bigger and better. According to industry data, at least half of all full-size pickups are now sold as luxury models.

The era of pickup trucks primarily used for workers, ranchers or those who want to haul large items has changed. "You can get them with just about anything you can get on a luxury car," says KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds. "And I'm seeing some of the three-quarter ton trucks now with window sticker prices in excess of $80,000." Indeed, Ford's new F-Series Super Duty Limited starts at over $85,000.

Reynolds tells KTRH that automakers are adapting pickup trucks from strictly utilitarian to everyday vehicles. "They're easier to park and drive, they ride better, they're more fuel efficient than they've ever been, they're quieter inside," he says. "It just comes down to this one thing---people are using pickups as their luxury cars."

Even Mercedes is now producing a luxury pickup truck---the X-Class. It's all part of the evolving market which now sees the luxury truck as a status symbol. "If it's going to be their daily driver from home to work and back, they want a nice one...and they're willing to pay for it," says Reynolds.

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