We’re As Good As it Gets

A French research team published a report in Frontiers in Physiology detailing their assessment of the potential peak of homo sapiens, concluding we may be there.

We might not run faster, grown taller, or be more physically accomplished than we are right now.

“My only concern as a physician is that we could see a decline in performance based on what we talk about all the time – obesity; and over nutrition is going to kill us,” concurs  KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati.

The study finds extraordinary increases in human development in the 20th century, but shows a dramatic slowdown in recent years.

“I believe they’re probably right that we have peaked in our height, intelligence and physical ability,” adds Dr. Galati. “My concern would be that we’ve become more industrialized, and a lot of it is going to be related to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and cancer.”

The report concludes that scientific understanding of the new human metrics will have “profound social, economic, and political implications.”

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