Flu season could be a bad one

This flu season is supposed to one of the worst. Flu activity has started getting worse with the cooler weather.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that this year's vaccine may be just 10% effective.

KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati said if you think the flu shot gives you the flu— that's "malarchy" and you need to get your flu shot.

“The strain is going to be different and there are going to be some years are a little lighter and then some that are going to be a little bit heavier and I think this is going to be one of those years. it’s just due to the genetics of the virus,” said Galati.

The CDC estimates last year's flu vaccine effectiveness was just 42%.

“It’s going to vary because it’s made on the prior year’s virus, and so it is a bit of a hedged bet on how the virus this year is going to behave,” said Galati.

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