Chain Immigration is transforming America

If you'd like to see the United States become more like a third world nation, our immigration system seems to be trying its best to make that happen. So-called chain immigration is bringing third-worlders to this country in droves, valuing family ties over job skills.

Jessica Vaughan at the Center for Immigration Studies says every two new immigrants bring seven foreign relatives with them.

"And this happens because our legal immigration is set up to let new immigrants bring extended family members like brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, parents, grandchildren, et cetera."

Vaughan says this is why President Trump is pushing for more merit-based immigration.

"Only about 14% of legal immigrants to this country come because they have a skill or because an employer wants to hire them."

Critics say if the DACA program remains, chain immigration will overwhelm us.

"A very small share of legal immigration is skills based and that's not compatible with our modern economy and that's why President Trump has asked for a merit-based legal immigration system."

Homeland Security figures show just one in fifteen legal immigrants is admitted based on skills and employment.

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