POLL: Working for the holidays…or not

The majority of Houston workers will be cashing in their vacation time over the holidays. A new survey from Robert Half finds 69% of Houston workers will use all their vacation time this year. Houston Metro Market manager for Robert Half Danann Smith said for the 31% who will be working, workers cited wanting to save time for later and not enough money to go on vacation as the top reasons.

“You look at call centers and some customer service centers and even some retail are open then. And, a lot of has to do with the day that it falls on. This year it happens to fall on Monday, and so taking the remainder of the week, it’s not kind of a staggered week for you,” said Smith.

The research also revealed 18% of U.S. workers say they will work the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s. Of those who are taking time off, 64% say they’ll check in with the office

Smith said Houston managers can promote recharging with time away from office.

“If they’re banking it for the next quarter, maybe they’ve got something special in January through March. And, then quite frankly, a lot of them use it just to leverage the ability to get a lot done and caught up on through the end of the year and start the year strong in 2018,” said Smith.

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