Obama White House treated media badly, too

The mainstream media complains about the way they are treated by President Trump. But they seem to forget how the Obama White House treated some of their colleagues.

They forget that Fox's James Rosen was named as a criminal co-conspirator and spied on by the Obama Justice Department a few years ago.

“I can bring a unique perspective to this because of my experiences under the Obama administration, and to my eye, nothing that this president has done to or with the news media — at least yet — even remotely approaches, in seriousness, in nature, that which the Obama administration did to and with the news media,” Rosen told the National Review.

Political analyst Chris Begala told KTRH Rosen is 100% right.

“One reporter can take the argument that this President has done nothing like what President Obama did to him,” Begala explained.

And Begala said when that happened; most of the mainstream media ignored it.

“It barely got any attention nationally,” Begala stated.

As opposed to the reaction today when the President gets into a feud with any member of the mainstream media.

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