Not all Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane

The Caribbean is still a hot spot for holiday travel.

According to the Caribbean Hotel Association, 32 islands, or 70 percent of the Caribbean was not damaged by September’s recent hurricanes, including some of the region’s most popular destinations such as Jamaica, The Bahamas and St. Lucia.

Woodlake Travel’s vice-president and leisure travel counselor Linda de Sosa said a lot of people think the whole Caribbean was devastated from the hurricane, but it's so big, there are plenty of islands that are fine. These islands are welcoming vacationers.

“Aruba, which is a dessert island; Antiqua, which has 365 beaches; the Caymans; the Dominican Republic; Jamaica and St. Lucia,” said de Sosa.<PSI_END_OBJECT>

There are a few to avoid.

“Looking at the islands that still are on the road to recovery and are not ready for visitors yet would be Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Bart’s and the US Virgin Islands and St. Marten,” said de Sosa.

She said each island is very different...some are lush, while others are deserts. You can check travel updates anytime, here. She says you should've booked your Caribbean travel months ago.

Bring your sunscreen if you're headed to the Caribbean for a holiday travel.

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