Snowflakes don’t like being called ‘Snowflakes’

You’ve heard about their safe spaces. You know they over oversensitive. Snowflakes have become a bigger part of our lives, and they don’t like being called snowflakes, either.

A new survey says 72% of 16-24 year olds say the term snowflake is unfairly applied to millennials, and 74% say it could have a negative impact on mental health. Gabrielle Bosche, President of the Millennial Solution, says this makes perfect sense for snowflakes.

“They have perfected the idea of oversensitivity, whether it’s feeling unconfident with your body image or getting a ‘C’ in class heaven forbid,” Bosche explained.

But she says it's actually the fault of those that raise these snowflakes, because they haven't been taught the same valuable lessons like you were.

“What is hard work, what responsibility is, and what earning something looks like and feels like,” Bosche said.

And she adds that snowflakes have been given even more power lately. If you want proof just go to any college and ask where the safe spaces are.

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