Democrats Infiighting Ahead of Texas Governor Race

There are eight, count them, eight Democrats looking to unseat Texas Gov. Greg Abbott next year.  But do any of them stand a chance?

The latest is Andrew White, son of late Governor Mark White.  He joins Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez as the only "serious" challengers.  

“I'm asking you to trust me with your state,” White said Thursday.  “And I'm pledging to you I'll earn your respect.  I'll work harder than I've ever worked, and when I'm done Texas will be in a better shape than when I started.”

Texas Republicans remain unfazed.

“Gov. Greg Abbott won his first election in 2014 by 20 points, and that was to a rather well-known state senator,” says Jamie Bennett, spokesman for the Republican Party of Texas.

Bennett points out failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and other Dems already are attacking White for being too conservative.

“Candidate filing ends this Monday, so its not a good sign that Democrats are already figthing each other,” he says.  “It's no surprise the Democratic Party of Texas is the minority party.”

“Across the board over the past 20 years Texans have been voting for Republicans, whether it's the state house, U.S. Senate seats, governor, it doesn't matter.  It's clear Republican values are Texas values and Texans prefer Republicans.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott announced in July he had already raised $41 million for his re-election bid.

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