Be ready to renegotiate your cable deal

Get ready for sticker shock after the first year of your cable contract. In some cases your bill might double after a promotional period.

USA Today tech writer Rob Pegoraro says tell your cable provider you have options.

"I'm looking at what Dish Network or DirecTV is charging for satellite TV."

Pegoraro says you need to know your options.

"I like your Internet but your TV costs too much; I've seen what Sling TV charges or DirecTV Now or PlayStation VUE."

KPRC consumer reporter Amy Davis agrees -- and don't waste time.

"Call them before they raise it and say 'hey, I see my promotional discount is ending this month and I've done all this research' then maybe you can keep your promotional rate or not raise it as high as they would."

Davis says don't just call and tell 'em you don't like the new price.

"You wanna let them know you realize there are other deals out there and you wanna know what those deals are and be able to quote them when you call customer service."

Find out what your options are before you call and tell the cable company you're thinking about switching -- or cutting the cord entirely. By 2021 it's estimated 30% of us will have cut the cord.

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