What comes after tax reform?

President Trump is already thinking about what comes next after he delivers tax reform.

So what is next once Trump gets tax reform signed, sealed and delivered?

“We are looking very strongly at welfare reform,” Trump said last month.

Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas tells KTRH that is just as necessary as tax reform is.

“It’s very important. It’s a huge part of the federal budget. We need to make sure that the people covered by that safety net are the ones that actually need it,” Woodfill explained.

And Merrill Matthews with the Institute for Policy Innovation says if there's one thing he could change more than anything, it would be Medicaid.

“It’s rife with abuse and fraud. It is rampant in the system and growing rapidly. Obama did nothing to reform it,” Matthews said, adding that the 10-12% fraud you hear about is probably on the "low side."

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