The birth of SKYNET or a better Future?

Google says it has an "A.I. Child" which is better than humans at recognizing items in photos and can give birth to more A.I. children. Conspiracy theorists, like this YouTuber think it's the beginning of SKYNET and the Terminators.

"We already see this technology being used to censor us because it's a much more efficient and effective way to censor content on the Internet."

But many look forward to enhanced living with the help of artificial intelligence.

Matt Granite is a tech writer who contracts with Google.

"They've created a very high level child that outperforms any other human build A.I. prior to its creation; and it's a machine where it's continuously learning and I think that's why the child model architecture is mentioned within this name."

Granite says he's not worried; Google is upfront with its A.I. -- he's worried about the companies and countries that aren't.

"Unless you're North Korea, the companies that are continuously telling you about their technology and how good it is -- when they're making it that public they're generally not using it for very evil ways. It's the companies that are quiet and harboring all of this technology that get employed later down the line that I'd be afraid of."

Google says its A.I. won't try to replace us, it'll enhance our lives.

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