No more coed hugging at work

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein's possibly hundreds of women victim's, men are left wondering if hugging women is still OK.

Is being able to have clean, decent fun at work even an option anymore in light of all the sexual harassment accusations?

Are all these sexual misconduct claims making men concerned about being accused of something. Here's some guys comments:

“A compliment should be reserved for friendships,” said one man.

“I do find myself, if I compliment them (women) on something, feeling a little weird,” said a man who is a manager. “I pretty much don’t hug my employees, anyway. But, if I do, it’s more of like a sideways hug.

“We were actually just discussing on how this could have the opposite effect where men may not even want to talk to women anymore—whether that be socially, or business-wise,” said one man who is small business owner. “Myself, or none of my close friends take it too far—they know their boundaries.”

“I really don’t worry. You know, I’m just not saying inappropriate things,” said yet another guy.

“I don’t feel like I do anything that would be an issue or a problem,” said the last guy.

Some of these men say they don't truly feel comfortable around women at work, unless they're friends outside of work.

One man even said he felt like should be walking on eggshells at work.

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