House Passes Reciprocity Gun Bill

The U.S. House has approved national reciprocity for gun license holders, but advocates are not celebrating just yet.

The measure forces states to recognize concealed carry permits from any other state.  But it was attached to bill aimed to close loopholes in the background system.

“The fear is once the fix the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) goes to the Senate, then we have to reconcile the bill and could lose conceal carry reciprocity altogether,” says Emily Taylor, attorney with Texas Law Shield.

However, she says if reciprocity passes both chambers, it will better protect license holders against states like California and New York.

“If I can prove in court that I have a handgun license and that I should have been granted the authority to carry under the fact, they have to pay my attorney's fee,” she says.

Democrats believe reciprocity will lead to more gun violence across the nation.  Others argue it tramples on states' rights against conceal carry.

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