Hannity calls Republican Party ‘Dead’

There is a lot of frustration directed at Republicans these days. And some of that is coming from those that have classically supported the party and its candidates.

As an example there is KTRH's Sean Hannity, who spoke with Steve Bannon on Breitbart this week.

“It is a dead party. They are weak. They are ineffective,” Hannity said.

So, how do local GOP officials feel about it? Harris County GOP Chair Paul Simpson tells KTRH Hannity's anger is misdirected.

“Being frustrated with Washington politicians is understandable, but Sean Hannity apparently hasn’t met our Texas Republican delegation, which has been consistently conservative and true to their principles,” Simpson explained.

And RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong, based in Galveston, says even President Trump knows how important the party was to his campaign last year.

“In his victory speech, he called one person up to the podium. It was RNC chair Reince Preibus, because he was responsible for building the infrastructure that got Donald Trump elected,” Armstrong explained.

Simpson adds that if Hannity wants to fight someone, he should go after Democrats, because that's where the real fight is.

“I’d love to see him attack Democrats. We fight with them every day here in Texas,” Simpson stated.

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