Flu season to hit this month and next

People forget the flu can be deadly, and now with cooler weather...we'll start seeing more cases of it.

UT Health and UT Physicians’ Dr. Michael Altman, an attending physician at Memorial Hermann-TMC, said the flu season has been sporadic, but with some severe cases. Up until now, the warm weather has been helpful.

“If we’re going to see it, we’re going to see more cases as time goes on, later in the month, especially when the weather gets colder and people start congregating closer together,” said Altman.

He said the flu is deadly, especially to those with compromised immune systems.

“Influenza is deadly and we really worry about people getting pneumonia. Especially in people who have underlying medical problems like heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease,” said Altman.

Altman says prevention is the best cure and now is the time to get your flu shot before the season ramps up this month and next month.

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