Commuting got You down? Take the Bus

Believe it or not the nation's average commuter spends $750 each month for car payment, maintenance, depreciation, fuel and insurance. With that in mind, more of us are considering public transportation. Here's what you need to know.

Metro's Monica Russo says there's an app for that.

"Metro actually offers an app called the Metro Trip App which allows you to plan your trip on your cell phone."

Russo says a lot of Houstonians like the Park and Ride service.

"A lot of people that have never tried it and then get on it never go back to driving because it's just so pleasant. You don't have to worry about sitting in traffic; someone else is doing the driving for you."

Russo says bus and train passes are a lot cheaper than owning a car.

"You can actually download to your cell phone and it's basically $1.25; the ticket's good for three hours; usually most folks don't pay more than $3 a day if they use Metro."

Russo says the Metro Trip app plans your trip so you always know what stop and what bus to take. If you want to ride your bike, she says the buses are equipped to carry bicycles.

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