Illegal immigrants coming to Texas in droves

Thousands of illegal immigrants are being arrested in South Texas, causing the processing centers to fill up quickly with more people than they can handle.

Even with catch and release in full swing, the National Border Patrol Council’s Chris Cabrera, who is also a border patrol agent, said the numbers are steadily climbing, but it's not that they're seeing more people than they did last year at this time.

“However, for some reason we’re not getting these folks processed as quickly as we need to. We don’t have the help coming in from other sectors to get these folks processed. That creates a bottleneck at our processing centers. And unfortunately, we’re reaching capacity a couple of times a week,” said Cabrera. <PSI_END_OBJECT>

And now border patrols might have to do that job, instead of patrolling the border.

“We were told it was going away, it never went away, so that’s part of it. The other part of it is poor management. Poor management in dealing with these processing centers-how things get done. The paperwork is endless, only to release these folks out the door,” said Cabrera.

Cabrera says other agencies like ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations could do these jobs, so agents can patrol the border.

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