Holiday Tips: Here's How Much to Budget

’Tis the season for handing out holiday tips.

Holiday tipping is an annual tradition to thank people for their services -- such as hair dressers, house cleaners and lawn workers. But experts say that just who gets a tip from you, and for how much, are questions only you should answer.

Etiquette and image expert Valerie Sokolovsky says a holiday tip should be a mix of generosity and thoughtfulness.

She says the general guideline is to give a tip equal to one session of their services.

But she tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that others can be thanked as well -- with items like home- baked Christmas treats or a gift card with a personal note.

Last year, 11% of people surveyed by Consumer Reports said they dreaded handing out Christmas tips.

Sokolovsky’s tips, paired with your own budget, can make the decision easier.

Experts say that to figure out a budget for Christmas tips, set aside the amount you'd spend on these expenses in a month.

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