Survey: Americans no longer prefer male bosses

With all the revelations about sexual harassment in Congress and Hollywood lately, a new survey shows you no longer prefer a man to be your boss.

The new Gallup research showing 55% of you have no preference in your boss' gender. Business coach Beth Jones tells KTRH this makes sense given the times we are in.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. Society has changed dramatically since the previous survey,” Jones stated.

The first time Gallup asked this question was in 1953, and back then 66% of you wanted a male boss. That said, Jones says we have work to do. For example, the fact that the allegations against Congressman have been politicized.

“It’s the same thing that has happened in corporate America. This person is valuable to me so I’m going to look the other way about their bad behavior,” Jones explained.

Today, 23% say they'd like a male boss with 21% indicating they'd prefer a woman.

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