Senate Passes Tax Reform, Now What?

Speaking at Interfaith of the Woodlands while dropping off a donation of Christmas toys to 28 families his staff has adopted, The Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady (R TX-08) tells KTRH News he is pleased with the tax cut passed by the Senate early Saturday morning.

“It’s a good strong bill,” he says, “and so is the House’s, but I think we can make it stronger.  And so Monday the House is going back to Washington early.”

Brady says as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee he expects to be included when Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell name the congressional members Monday who will sit on the conference committee that reconciles to two versions.  

“As soon as the House passed its bill two weeks ago we began work to pick the best of the best between the House and Senate bills,” Brady tells KTRH News.   

Brady will also be deep in the woods working on the nation’s budget in the week ahead.   

“The budget is critical but for us in Texas. Hurricane Harvey relief is a crucial part of this. We met Friday with the Florida delegation, not just to recover and prevent future flooding.   We’re not happy with the bill that was put forth originally.  We think we can do better. We working on anew design and are hopeful it can be included in this end of the year budget.”

Brady says he doesn’t expect a government shutdown over the budget, and knows Republicans don’t want one. He says we need to address military and security needs, as well as children’s health issues. 

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