Should You invest in Bitcoin?

Supporters say the online currency Bitcoin is the future of currency and today's value of $11,000 is just the beginning. But skeptics say Bitcoin shows all the classic signs of a bubble about to burst.

Syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey is no fan.

"I hope it works, it may work -- I don't think it's going to."

Ramsey says Bitcoin will fail because it has little history and nothing to back it up other than Internet buzz.

It's often used to buy illegal stuff on the Dark Web -- web sites that are not visible to search engines.

"In ten years it may have stabilized, but I'm going to tell eight million people every day Bitcoin is Bit Con."

Ramsey says it's a bubble that will eventually burst.

"I'm not putting money in it personally because it's an unstable currency that's regulated by no one and has no track record and there's not even a physical item -- at least with carpet thread you'd have something in your pocket."

Bitcoin supporters point out the currency was worth about a grand a year ago and now it's worth more than ten times that. 

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