Hurricane season ends today

Today is the last day of what has been a bad hurricane season for us here in Texas, and an active one overall.

We had 18 total depressions with 17 total storms. There were ten hurricanes; six of those major, including Hurricane Harvey.

“This was a very unique event. When the driest portions of your county are at the beach, you know it’s a weird event,” Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta told KTRH News.

In the city, Michael Walter with the Houston Office of Emergency Management told KTRH Harvey was historic.

“This will go down in our city’s history as the costliest storm we’ve ever had,” Walter stated.

With 51 inches of rain falling in parts of the area. But Sebesta says he's glad for one thing. They were as ready as they could possibly be.

“If we had not had the floods we had the last two years, we would not have been prepared as we were this time,” Sebesta explained.

 Harvey caused about $180 Billion in damages. The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance for damage from Hurricane Harvey is today.

Jeff Linder of the Harris County Flood Control District on the end of hurricane season:

Jeff Linder on the end of hurricane season

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