POLL: Have we gotten tired of Facebook?

Facebook is experiencing something you might think isn’t possible. People are leaving the social media platform. And it isn’t by a small number, either.

The total number of active Facebook accounts around the world is down by 50 million, according to numbers that came out earlier this year. Of course some parts of the world see that more than others. Social media analyst Crustal Washington told KTRH for many, Facebook is just no longer fun.

“What started off as a fun online platform has now delved into an arena that is rife with political arguments and solicitations for money for all kinds of causes,” Washington explained.

Kami Huyse with Zoetica Media told us we aren't seeing this as much with other platforms and when it happens to Facebook, we pay attention.

 “Facebook is the ‘Big Daddy’ of everything on social media. That is where you have the most people of differing viewpoints and backgrounds,” Huyse said, adding that younger people are using Instagram and Snapchat, and that those two sites are gaining ground in the social media marketplace.

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