Celebrate computer security day

Millions of people will become victims of computer fraud this holiday season. In honor of today being computer security day, one expert is recommending we all use good cyber hygiene—starting with having a good antivirus, passwords, don't store data with merchants and make backups. Texas-based cybersecurity and data privacy attorney, Shawn Tuma said anytime you're online shopping, you up your risk for others to get your personal and financial information. Those odds are increased if you don't take proper precautions.

“When you’re shopping online, don’t use free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or department store or wherever else, because criminals can be on there surfing that same Wi-Fi, using it to collect your credentials,” said Tuma.

He said also make sure your online connection is truly secure. Use credit cards, not debit cards when making online purchases. And, use your phone's secure Wi-Fi plan when shopping

“If you don’t have any choice but to use publicly available Wi-Fi, get a VPN. That’s a virtual private network that you can get on your cell phone, you can get on your computer and it’ll encrypt the channel that that information is being sent through,” said Tuma.

 He added to only shop with credible merchants and be wary of new companies or those that don't have an online history of service. It's probably a scam if an offer seems too good to be true.

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