POLL: Trump coverage has become unhinged

If you watch the cable news networks you know the way they cover President Donald Trump is extreme. But this isn’t just contained to cable news or newspapers, either.

The extreme coverage also exists in lifestyle magazines like 'Teen Vogue' where they recently ran a headline that said 'United States votes no a UN Anti-Nazi Resolution.' Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak says there's one thing driving this.

“They are doing it out of social pressure from the left. They are doing this to show that they are invested in making sure Trump doesn’t succeed,” Mackowiak explained.

All of this impacts the way you trust media. A new survey shows 77% of you feel radio is your most trusted source for news. Mackowiak can certainly see that.

“Millions of Americans rely on talk radio every day. They feel like they are getting real analysis,” Mackowiak stated.

 Surprisingly TV was second at 74%; with newspapers checking in at 48% and social media dead last at 15%.

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