Holiday spending keeps on rising

The numbers for your holiday shopping keep going up, and depending on where you live, the numbers will be even higher than you expect.

The National Retail Federation says you will spend over $967 this Christmas. That's up from $935 last year. Financial strategist Clark Hodges tells KTRH this is all about how you feel about your financial status.

“The economy is good, and people feel confident about their situations because they have seen the stock market go up,” Hodges explained.

Not all of that goes to gifts, though. Under half of it will go towards other things, and here in Texas, Hodges says some of that money will go to replace what you lost in Hurricane Harvey.

“That’s good for the economy in Texas, especially once all the building and buying of new cars kicks in based on what the storm did,” Hodges said.

 And spending can vary depending on where you live. While the average person will spend that $967, residents of Sugar Land, according to the research will spend over $2300. League City residents checked in at $2225.

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