Holiday spending could break up your marriage

If you're a spender and your significant other is a saver, this holiday season could be what breaks your relationship.

When it comes to the holidays, spouses hidden spending habits tend to get revealed because you spend the most times with your significant other...and spend money.

Relationship counselor Donna Arp Weitzman said it's ones of the biggest landmines to happiness because money issues are the number one reason for divorce.

“Holiday time just exacerbates the differences in couples. If one’s a saver and one’s a spender, the holiday time brings that to a head many times,” said Arp Weitzman.

She said you can avoid divorce or breaking up by being aware of your different spending habits--spender versus saver--talk about it at length before committing to each other and come up with an agreement how to handle that.

“More divorces happen after the new year and after the holidays than any other time of year and I really believe that spending differences make it come to a head,” said Arp Weitzman.

She said you might need to seek professional help. But, don't hide your spending habits because that can lead to even more lies and deception.

A new survey by Affirm, found that marriages can be seriously rocked by holiday spending. Six out of 10 Americans said their holiday spending spurs marital and familial strife.

A recent survey found that 42 percent of people hide money, purchases, bank accounts and credit cards from their spouse.

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