Democrats Eyeing Down Ballot Races in Texas

Even without a superstar candidate, Texas Democrats still believe they'll make significant inroads next year.

With everything going on in Washington these days, Texas Democrats will look to capitalize and win many down-ballot races even without a serious statewide candidate.

“At a less than statewide level, Democrats will be competitive on a variety of fronts that Republicans will be surprised by,” says GOP strategist Bill Miller at HillCo Partners.  “Some of the counties, the larger counties, Democrats will be pretty strong.”

“If you think nothing is going to happen for Democrats than you will be surprised, because they will get elected in places that will surprise you,” he says.  “How many get elected and where they get elected we’ll see.  But they’re going to do better than they have in a long time.”

Miller warns Texas Republicans not to let their guard down.

“You are in trouble whether you realize it or not because of the national circumstance,” he says.  “If you are not taking care of your business now, you’ll regret it on election day.”

 Candidate filing continues through December 11

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