POLL: From one Swamp to another

If Hollywood has a long history of sexual misconduct, Washington D.C. might be even worse. Some worry we're only just beginning to find out about such allegations.

Rice political science Professor Bob Stein says every type of workplace has sexual harassment.

"I don't think that the fact we're finding out about two Congressmen or three or four suggests that other places and workplaces are immune."

Professor Stein says what's important now is to listen to the women who are coming forward.

"Women need, clearly, an opportunity to be able to bring these issues up without feeling as if they're going to be victimized again."

Michigan democrat John Conyers, the longest serving member of the House, is accused of using taxpayer money to pay off a former staff member who accuses him of harassment.

Professor Stein says finally hearing women's complaints may be the best thing to come out of these scandals.

"I think we've seen this in the Catholic Church where there have been victims of child molestation, where there may be a statute of limitation but something preventing priests from holding these positions and doing this again is thinking forward."

The House is expected to adopt a resolution that all representatives and their staffs must take anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training.

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