Will Cyber Monday lose luster in the future?

Cyber Monday has been growing in stature over the last few years. But will it continue to grow?

It's a valid question considering Black Friday has lost luster thanks to Cyber Monday and other online shopping deals. Jody Furman at Live Fabuless dot com says the deals you get today have actually been out there for a while.

“Cyber Monday has been big, but I almost feel as it begins the Monday before Thanksgiving,” Furman said. “Remember there is Black Friday in July as well.”

So will Cyber Monday lose the novelty it had, just like Black Friday down the road?

“It’s probably going to continue to go. There’s always going to be that attraction to get people to go online,” Furman stated.

So if you miss today's deals, a lot of them will be around, and just as good, over the next month.

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