A Christmas Tree shortage may last for Years

Well don't look now, you'll pay about 15% more for a Christmas tree this year, because there's a nationwide shortage.

Richard Devine owns National Tree and Shrub on Yale Street.

"The shortage is actually nationwide; what happened, during the recessionary time of 2007-2008, the growers in Oregon and North Carolina did not plant enough trees."

Devine says he probably has just enough trees to make it through this season.

"But it's not just the price increase it's the shortage. So, we were only able to buy probably about two thirds of what we would normally buy."

Devine says the shortage may last through 2022.

"About 2021 or 2022; they're replanting but it takes six, seven, eight years to get these trees grown to size, so that's where the shortage is coming in."

Devine says if you want a tree, buy early.

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