The 5 Ways to Recover From Thanksgiving Overeating

Overstuffed from Thanksgiving and all the leftovers?

Here are five ways to help your body recover from overeating, as shared by Jonathan Glass, author of the upcoming book "Total Life Cleanse":

Move your body. Overeating, and eating lots of sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, etc, tends to cause sluggishness mentally and physically. It stagnates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as stressing the digestive system. So, move the body vigorously ...walking, swimming, biking, yoga and the like.

Break a sweat. One of the best ways to clear toxins, excess acidity, drain lymphatic stagnation. It will also boost the mood.

Eat light. Try a high quality smoothie with pea protein, green phytonutrient formula, berries and chia seeds, and eat lots of veggies ... as many as you want.

Get your elimination going. Consider using chia seeds and Triphala.

Change your intake. Let go of red meat, wheat, dairy and sugar as soon as possible. 

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