TXDOT is hoping to end a grim streak

Every day since November 7th, 2007 at least one person has died on Texas roads. The "end the streak" campaign hopes to change that. 

TXDOT's Deidrea George says there are lots of reasons for highway deaths.

"A lot of the roadway deaths are caused by drinking and driving; distracted driving; unrestrained occupants."

George says you can join in on the campaign on social media.

"We are encouraging the public to download an image that we have that says hash-tag end the streak and post that on their social media pages."

George says this will get your friends to ask what the campaign is about and that will spread awareness.

She says the campaign will go on until we have a day without a road death.

"We certainly would love to end it because we would love to be able to say that we did have at least one day where no one died on our Texas roadways, but until that happens we certainly will keep up this message."

Nearly 60,000 have been killed on Texas roads since November 7th, 2007.

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