Mainstream media playing politics with sexual harassment reporting

The mainstream media is giving the Congressional sexual harassment revelations the treatment you’d expect them to.

And they are concentrating more on Roy Moore in Alabama and less on Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers. They're even treating former President Bill Clinton with kid gloves.

“I sometimes think I was too tough on him,” Chris Matthews said on MSNBC this week.

Dan Gainor at the Media Research center tells KTRH this is typical mainstream media.

“They are always very selective. They won’t cover something if it affects their team,” Gainor stated.

And he says they are using Moore to try and keep their attacks up on President Trump.

“The media wants to peel back the protective cover around Trump. They want to take down Trump. This just becomes one more weapon they can use against him,” Gainor explained.

Proof of this kid glove treatment is that ABC and NBC avoided Franken coverage on Monday despite a second woman accusing him of harassment.

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