POLL: Black Friday is here. Are you ready?

It’s Black Friday. You may have heard the naysayers say Black Friday is either dead or dying, but the actual numbers say something different.

According to the Retail Me Not 68% of us will do some form of shopping between now and Cyber Monday. That said Jodi Furman at Live Fabuless tells KTRH you may have already lost out on some great bargains.

“You’ve been missing out on great deals on the hottest toys, electronics; literally everything you’d be looking for today.” Furman explained.

Cyber Monday is gaining in popularity, though, with 56% planning on doing holiday shopping online this year. But there is something to getting out there for Black Friday deals.

“Honestly, if you enjoy the madness, then by all means go for it,” Furman stated.

And another factor may be your kids and keeping them entertained. Parenting expert Maria Luce says kids still want to go to the mall, just like you did. But they may have different reasons for it.

“The mall is still relevant. Is it as relevant is it once was? No, but it’s still there,” Luce said, adding that many theatres are at the mall to keep the kids entertained after you shop, or even while you shop.

But not everyone wants to spend time with their families today and take advantage of online shopping. Millennials are apparently twice as likely to give up family time in order to get a Black Friday deal.

And speaking of those deals, what are Texans looking to pick up today? Carson Yarbrough at BlackFriday.com says the main things on your lists are tech, tech and more tech.

“Texans are looking for electronics; tablets, laptops, TV’s and even 4K TV’s,” Yarbrough told KTRH News.

That is followed closely by clothing. Yarbrough says more than half of you will check out Amazon before looking or buying anywhere else, and for those of you hitting the malls. Yarbrough says be prepared. Be very prepared.

“There are so many strategies to make sure you get to snag those really hot items,” she explained. “Just be aware those go lightning fast, adding that quality of product, lowest price and the reputation of the retailer are the main motivators for you.

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