Be careful of politics at Thanksgiving Dinner

So you’d like a smooth Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, and you know that talking politics with your family isn’t going to help things. So what can you do to get through tomorrow without starting a family feud?

Relationship expert Donna Arp says it's your house so you have more say than you think. She tells KTRH that ground rules need to be established.

“Set your expectations to talk about good things, and set those expectations early,” she explained.

In other words, like cell phones, tell your guests to leave their political thoughts in the living room. But author Dee Taylor-Jolley knows it isn't always that easy.

“There’s always a challenge with somebody that’s not going to follow the program. But that doesn’t mean your whole party has to fall apart,” Taylor-Jolley stated.

Her advice is to switch the subject, maybe to something like the football game that's on TV.

Because of this political divide, a new study says families wind up cutting Thanksgiving Dinner short by about a half an hour.

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