Ready, or not, it’s turkey time

How many cooks are needed in the kitchen to make a successful Thanksgiving turkey? Turns out, only one, but technical support might be needed.

Since November first through Christmas Eve, Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Co-Director Nicole Johnson said they have pros man the phones to answer your every concern. The number one question is about thawing your bird.

“We’ve heard everything from the Jacuzzi, someone told us that they did it in a dryer, the dishwasher cycle,” said Johnson.

According to a new Butterball survey, first-time hosts in particular, were worried about messing up the bird. Thankfully, only 26-percent of those surveyed expect a flawless meal.

80% of millennials claiming to be nervous that they might over- or under-cook the turkey. Almost half of experienced cooks weren’t as confident either.

Johnson said they have dozens of home economic teachers, registered dieticians, food stylists, culinary instructors...and even Stan, who is a retired food help you out.

“People don’t realize it takes a full 24 hours for every four pounds of turkey meat to thaw in your fridge. So, if you do the math, if you have a 20 pound turkey, that’s going to take five days to thaw in your refrigerator,” said Johnson.

Watch their how-to video here.

She said they get calls 1-800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372) when people are cooking or even shopping. As of last year, you can text (844) 877-3456 your questions, too. Feel free to ask questions via live chat, Facebook and Twitter.

They’re also petitioning for a Butterball emoji. Agree? Go to vote here.

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