How to get a six figure job

Indeed has a list of 20 jobs that pay more than $100,000. Many are in the health and tech industry.

In Houston, jobs in the energy and medical center dominate the six-figure salaries. “The Job Search Guy” Shariq Ghani said don't focus on the number. Rather, the level of happiness and how you can excel at it.

“As long as you continue on your passion, there’s always money at the end of it. It will take a little bit of creativity, but if there’s no jobs available in it, well this is America, you should be able to create your own job to where you can get that $100,000, and there’s no one stopping you from it,” said Ghani.

He said space, energy and artificial intelligence jobs are popular locally. Another avenue is being a university professor, retail manager or in the military.

“Houston especially, jobs in energy and medical center will continue to dominate the 100K landscape of employment here,” said Ghani.

He says energy is a stable job because of our dependence on fossil fuels.

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